Fujitsu Announces Ultrabook Lifebook; First Ultrabook with 4G/LTE

Fujitsu wasn't exactly the star of the show at MWC last week in Barcelona, but here in Hannover it's looking to make a bigger splash. The company is adding an Ultrabook to its Lifebook line of notebooks, and it's not just the company's first Ultrabook--it's the industry's first 4G/LTE-enabled Ultrabook.

The Lifebook Ultrabook sports a 14-inch frameless display and connectivity via Wi-Fi and Blueooth in addition to 4G/LTE. Security features include fingerprint authentication and TPM. And, fitting its Ultrabook classification, the notebook weighs less than 3.2 pounds and is 16mm thin at its slightest point.

(What we neglected to mention in the hands-on video below is that the bottom of this notebook seems to feature a port for docking, which would make sense given this notebook's business-friendly features.)