'Destiny: Rise of Iron' review

You want to save humanity? Well, in "Destiny: Rise of Iron" you are humanity's last hope. Buckle up and make sure you have plenty of ammo.

“Destiny” is a first-person shooter and "Rise of Iron" is the franchise’s fourth expansion since its launch by Activision in 2014. This is also a "MMO" (Massive Multiplayer Online) game where players can see each other on missions.

“Destiny” has plenty of new content with this latest expansion. The game keeps you engaged throughout. There are many types of enemies in the game, one of which, the "Fallen" is now mutated with SIVA, an extremely dangerous technology that hasn’t seen the light of day in ages. The player joins Lord Saladin in the Plaguelands, to put a stop to the Fallen before the war gets out of hand and humanity ends.


Thankfully, the game introduces new equipment to fight off these life-ending villains, including new gear and armor. Also, “Rise of Iron” introduces a new raid mission, which can completely change your perspective and strategy. A raid consists of six players working together - although difficult, these missions are very rewarding when it comes to gear and weaponry.

Score: 7/10

Verdict: “Destiny: Rise of Iron” is an entertaining and visually stunning expansion. The campaign is exciting right through to the end and there’s always the option of player versus player and six-person raids. “The Rise of Iron” didn’t add too much to the entirety of the “Destiny” franchise, but it was a fun experience.