Custom iPhone Made of T-Rex Tooth and Meteor

Looking for something "fierce"? The British jeweler who brought the world the $8 million Apple iPhone 4 has gone for something a little more prehistoric

The newly designed iPhone 4 History Edition by Stuart Hughes is not only encrusted by diamonds, it features the actual tooth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Instead of the typical glass, the back is custom fitted with a T-Rex tooth -- splintered and shaved into polished meteoric stone that dates back 65 million years. The phone also boasts a bezel of diamonds and sports a platinum Apple logo.

It’s not the first time Hughes has worked with dinosaur. His company GoldStriker specializes in custom made luxury electronics ranging from mobile phones to notebook computers -- even aquariums that made headlines in October for offering an iPhone sporting 500 diamonds that cost $8 million.

Hughes will be producing 10 of the T-Rex iPhone 4s, which are going for about $62,700 -- the perfect stocking stuffer for any dino-enthusiast.