COOKOO Smart Watch Lasts 9 Months on a Charge, Uses Status Lights

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Tired of smart watches that look like your favorite Casio wrist piece of the 1980s? Then the COOKOO, an analog watch that's more fashion wrist piece than high-tech gadget, might be your best choice. The $129 smart watch, which vendor ConnecteDevice officially launched here at CES, doesn't have a screen of any kind, but still alerts you when  you receive email, miss a call, get a text or receive a Facebook message.

At first glance, the COOKOO looks like an even more attractive alternative to a Swatch. The watch comes in blue, pink, silver, black and white, each of which has a black face and head, with its theme color on silicon band, watch hands and hour markings. We particularly like the light blue. The watch comes in a translucent plastic box that matches its theme color and is shaped like a bird feeder.  In fact, ConnecteDevice CEO Nicholas Olivier told us that the box works as a real bird feeder.

In a brief demo, Olivier showed us how the watch pairs with an iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth to provide alerts when critical events like calls occur. The watch can vibrate, beep or, best of all, show different lighted icons to represent each type of alert. Whether it's a phone icon to show you missed a call or an envelope icon to show you got email, the COOKOO face reminds us of a car dashboard which has fixed lights for "low fuel" and"check engine." Though these lights don't provide enough information to know whose call you missed, they let you know that it's time to whip out your phone.

Because it doesn't have a digital output, the COOKOO requires so little power that it uses a standard lithium watch battery. Olivier says the watch can last for 9 to 10 months on a battery. The watch is currently only compatible with iOS devices, but an Android version of its app is coming soon.

You can pick up the COOKOO today from and soon from AT&T stores.