Calif. couple takes to YouTube to find car thieves

One California couple is taking to the Internet to find the thieves that took their car early Saturday morning.

Steve Nelson, of Lathrop, Calif., says his dog Pismo serves as their low-tech alarm system. That dog led him on a high-tech game of hide and seek when she confronted thieves stealing one of his custom cars.

“She doesn't bark, so I elbowed him a little bit and I said, ‘Babe,’ and he said, ‘I'm going, I'm going,’” his wife Amanda told FOX40 in Sacramento.

And when Steve got going toward the front door of his home, he was confronted by quite a sight.


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"I opened the door, my car backed out of the driveway,” he told FOX40.

Steve's tricked out Honda Accord was just out of the camera's view when thieves came calling Saturday. But it did catch their three-minute visit and the car backing out of the driveway and pulling away.

In addition to sharing the video with police, the Nelsons have also put it on YouTube, calling on all web wanderers to tip them off if they see the car or the thieves.

And they have a few choice words for those thieves.

“Try working for what you want in life and you can have the nice things we have without stealing,” said Amanda.

For more on the Nelson's quest for their stolen car, see FOX40.