An $8,000 Segway Will Revolutionize Your Golf Game

How cutting edge can you get?

If you've got the bucks, there's a world of awe-inspiring gadgets and goodies out there for you. From hundred thousand dollar watches to speakers that sound so good they'll make an audiophile weak in the knees, The Big Ticket is your weekly peek into the best goods gobs of money can buy.

The Segway was initially launched amidst a storm of hype. Originally codenamed "Ginger," this two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle invented by famed inventor Dean Kamen was supposed to be the next big thing, revolutionizing transportation.

The vehicle never reached such lofty heights but Kamen and co. have been able to find new and novel uses for their gyroscopic machine.

Somewhere between walking the course and taking a golf cart lies the Segway X2 Golf ($8,000). This golf-specific Segway allows for even faster rounds than a cart, while offering many of the same features, including a bag carrier, integrated scorecard holder with ball and tee holders, and specially-treated, turf-friendly tires.

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With a range of 14 miles or 36 holes, it's only a matter of time before it replaces your trusty lob wedge as your favorite piece of golfing equipment.

Just don't call it a golf cart.