Adobe Photoshop Touch Brings Layer Support, Finger-Friendly Tools to iPad 2

Photo retouchers, charge up your iPads! A full featured mobile version of the world's favorite photo editing software  landed in the Apple App Store today. Named Adobe Photoshop Touch, the app brings with it new features like support for layered images, an essential capability for doing any real image manipulation.

Naturally included in the $10 app are tools to take of advantage of the iPad's touch-based interface, or work around its limitations, depending on how you think about it. Take for instance, the Scribble Selection Tool. That feature allows users to select and remove elements from photos just by scribbling on them. In a similar vein, Photoshop Touch includes Refine Edge technology, which makes it's easier to select image elements with soft, blurred edges. Throw out that Magic Lasso tool, Photoshoppers!

Other new features include camera fill, new blending modes, and special effects like paint and more. And lastly, for sharing your airbrushed works there's direct integration with Facebook,  and the app supports Adobe Creative Cloud for syncing projects up for further detailing on your desktop. Check out more tools in our gallery down below.

Adobe Photoshop Touch works with the iPad2 and is available today in the Apple App Store for $9.99. Check out more at