3D printer creates gun model

A gun made from a high-tech 3D printer has sparked a whole new debate about gun regulations.

Neometrix Technologies, an engineering firm that does 3D scanning and printing in Lake Mary, Florida, made a prototype for My Fox Orlando.

"We downloaded a 3D model of a handgun from the Internet and plugged that into the printer. It will make it layer by layer," said Dan Perreault, President and CEO of NeoMetrix Technologies Inc told the news channel.

The high-tech printer costs over $200,000 and makes the piece 1/1000th of an inch at a time, laying curable resin with each pass. It took the firm two hours to print the prototype which was void of moving parts.

Perreault said that the idea of a fully plastic gun shooting bullets, like the one posted on YouTube, is far-fetched.

"I imagine that possibly some components on it were probably printed 3D, but I would very much doubt the entire gun was 3D printer," said Perreault.

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