Yankees dubs its bullpen trio 'No Runs DMC,' selling shirts for whopping $40

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The New York Yankees' dominant bullpen trio of Dellin Betances, lefty Andrew Miller and flamethrowing closer Aroldis Chapman now has a nickname.

It's "No Runs DMC" with each letter of DMC referencing the relievers in the order that they take the mound. Pretty clever, though it requried a licensing agreement with the groundbreaking hip-hop group Run -- D.M.C., the members of which are silhouetted in the shirts the Yanks are selling for a cool $39.99.

"Forty bucks -- we need a cut off of that" Betances joked.

Have to pay for that licensing fee somehow when Yankee Stadium isn't selling out the way it used to.

Get through the sixth inning with a lead and No Runs DMC will handle the rest. That's the idea. But a mediocre starting rotation and a lackluster offense that ranks near the bottom of the AL in runs scored has put a strain on the plan.

Still the AL East remains a wide open contest with only 8.5 games separating the Orioles (first) and Rays (fifth). The Yankees just need some more production out of its lineup of mostly 30-plus year-olds.