Wife banned Tiki Barber from delivery room?

Former New York Giants star Tiki Barber's estranged wife gave birth to his beautiful twin girls earlier this week -- and bitterly barred the cheating grid great from the delivery room, the New York Post reported sources saying Friday.

The retired Giants running back was forced to wait outside while Ginny Barber gave birth at a New York hospital on Monday, insiders said.

The Post first revealed that Barber dumped his soon-to-be ex wife -- who was then eight months pregnant -- so he could hook up with 23-year-old blonde Traci Lynn Johnson.

"Tiki was at the hospital for the birth, but was not in the delivery room," an insider said.

Barber, a correspondent for NBC's "Today" show, and his wife were still in acrimonious negotiations over money.

"Things with him and Ginny are still very difficult. He is still refusing to give her the settlement she is asking for, and is offering a lot less," a source said.

"They are still in court over money and over custody. He did see the baby girls after they were born, as Ginny understands he needs to be a huge part of their lives, and she wants to make sure they are taken care of."

Ginny Barber's rep, Jesse Derris, confirmed the twins' births and that Tiki Barber was nearby.

Derris, however, declined to reveal the babies' names or the hospital where they were born, for privacy reasons.

Tiki Barber's spokeswoman, Tisha Kresler, declined comment, and said her client would not make any immediate statements about his twins' birth.