Watch Russell Westbrook pull off a sick half-court pass between an opponent's legs

Russell Westbrook's pursuit of averaging a triple-double for the season has been one of the NBA's most compelling stories this season. But if you get too caught up in his numbers, you might miss what makes him special -- his fearlessness and athleticism.

Westbrook showed no hesitation when he pulled off one of the best passes of the season Thursday against the Raptors. After intercepting a pass from Cory Joseph in the second quarter, the Oklahoma City Thunder star pushed the ball in transition.

Just before Westbrook reached half-court, he unleashed a bounce pass that went between Joseph's legs and hit Victor Oladipo in stride for a layup to give the Thunder a 14-point lead. It's tough to see in full speed, but you can make out exactly what happened in slow motion.

Westbrook notched his 34th triple-double of the season in the third quarter, to boot. Just another day at the office for the MVP candidate.