Watch Gronk respond to tweets, dub Edelman his leprechaun bodyguard

When Rob Gronkowski speaks, you listen. And not just because he's 6-foot-6, 265 pounds and could break nearly every average human in half. But because of the fact that when he gets in front of a camera, hilarity ensues.

Gronkowski teamed up with AOL's "2 Point Lead" to respond to a handful of tweets recently. As expected, there were some strange ones, but Gronkowki's commentary was absolutely perfect. And we learned one important fact: Julian Edelman is apparently his leprechaun bodyguard who will beat people's shins with a bat.

Gronk also revealed another important tidbit. He supports Tom Brady wearing "girly UGGs," so long as he keeps winning Super Bowls. Unfortunately, Gronkowski wouldn't reveal his personal record for beers consumed in 24 hours, because it was probably Roger Goodell asking the question.