Watch Cristiano Ronaldo's kid score an amazing free kick (and look just like his dad)

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. (or Cristianinho, as his family calls him) is only six years old and six-year-olds usually aren't very good at soccer. You've seen them, running in packs and kicking each other more than the ball. Butwe're talking about Ronaldo's kid here, so he's not going to be just any other six-year-old. He's going to be a superstar six-year-old.


OK, so we can't tell exactly where the ball went -- Ronaldo is a better soccer player than videographer -- he clearly hits the ball pretty hard and with some accuracy. That's not a thing six-year-olds are supposed to be capable of.

Maybe Cristianinho could give pops some tips because the elder Ronaldo's free-kick gamehas left a lot to be desired of late.

But aside from how good the free kick is (seriously, are we sure this kid is just six?), can we talk about how Lil Ronaldo does a perfect imitation of his dad?

Even after the stance, Cristianinho's run-up is identical to his dad's.

Like father, like son.