WATCH: 100-year-old woman yells 'Free Tom Brady' while throwing a pass

The regular season is inching closer which also means a ruling on Tom Brady's suspension is nearing as well. Because of that, fans -- Patriots fans in particular -- are getting antsy and can't wait any longer for the Deflategate "saga" to end.

Not even this 100-year-old grandmother can take it anymore. She just wants Roger Goodell and the NFL to "FREE TOM BRADY!"

It wasn't a bad throw at all, but it doesn't look like the dog was able to haul in the deep pass. Still, a very impressive toss of the pigskin.

"Free Brady" has been somewhat of a phenomenon throughout the entire Deflategate situation. Even Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has joined the movement, sporting a "Free Brady" shirt while taking the Ice Bucket Challenge just a week ago.

(h/t Twitter)