Vols fan wants to rename waste treatment plant after Kiffin

There's no love lost between Tennessee fans and Lane Kiffin.

Knoxville attorney Drew McElroy has filed paperwork with the Knoxville City Council's Public Properties and Facilities Naming Committee to rename a waste water treatment plant the "Lane Kiffin Sewage Center," according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

"It dawned on me -- Lane Kiffin told us that he hoped the fans would understand. I thought 'Well, naming the wastewater plant for him would let him know, I think very clearly, we do understand,'" McElroy told the paper. "We want to memorialize his stay here, and I think this would be doing it appropriately."

Kiffin was the Vols' football coach for just over a year before leaving Tennessee to take the head coaching job at USC.

McElroy told the Courier-Journal he wrote a $262 check for the application fee and mailed it to the City Council's Clerk last week.

"We don't have to rename the entire facility after him, just a part of it," he said.

How would the plan be received by the community at large? One member might offer a clue.

"I think it'd be very fitting," said UT student Paul Mills said, according to the paper. "He's definitely garbage."