VIDEO: LSU emphasizing turnovers, tell DBs to be like Tyrann Mathieu

On all levels of football, the turnover battle is crucial to success. In an overall evenly matched and competitive SEC, turnovers become even more important and can decide the fate of games. If the turnovers pile up against you, a coach could quickly find himself on the way out following disappointing results.

Considering the value of turnovers, it's no wonder the LSU coaching staff is drilling into their player's heads the importance of not only stripping the ball loose, but ultimately of recovering the ball once it hits the ground.

Watch as Les Miles drills his defensive backs to be more like Tyrann Mathieu, aka The Honeybadger, who forced 11 fumbles in his two-year career at LSU:

Coach O also worked with the defensive backs and had them focused on stripping the ball from quarterbacks, locating the ball and recovering it.

Last season LSU finished with a disappointing 8-5 record after finishing with a turnover margin of +3 on the season. If the Tigers rebound and finish this year with double-digit wins, look for their turnover margin to take a significant jump this season.