Two firefighters accidentally bet £5 on Leicester to win the league

Are you sick of Leicester bet stories?

Neither are we.

This one qualifies as the best kind of accidental bet you can make.

An Essex firefighter, Jordan Wright, spotted the 5,000:1 odds on Leicester but though that the bookies had made a mistake and those odds were just for Leicester to beat Sunderland in their season opener. So he talked his firefighter-friend Mitchell Baldock into putting some money down.

It's a good thing he read the odds wrong, since both put £5 on Leicester to win the Premier League.

Yes, Leicester won the match in question, but that wasn't what the 5000:1 bet required. When they found out their mistake, they took a serious ribbing from their firefighter coworkers and figured, between the two of them, it was a £10 write-off.

Until Leicester kept winning.

"It was when they won 3-1 against Manchester City -- that's when I started thinking we had a real chance of winning," Jordan Wright told BBC.

"Everyone loves an underdog so it was nice to see them win," he added. "Every Premier League team wanted them to win, too -- no-one will begrudge them for it."

The two walked away with £10,000 each and they both say they'll put some of that cash into their side businesses.

The rest -- that's for a trip to Vegas.

Let's hope Lady Luck keeps smiling on them for that adventure.