Twitter reacts to Bills, Jets wearing 'Color Rush' uniforms

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- What's bright red and glowing green all over?

It's the eye-catching uniforms the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets wore Thursday night as part of the NFL's "Color Rush" promotion with Nike.

The Bills were dressed in scarlet red jerseys, sleeves, pants, socks and shoes, while the Jets were decked out in Kelly green from their necks down to their toes. New York's helmets also have a green chrome finish on the logo and facemask.

It all made for a Christmas-like feel in November.

The game is the first of four this season in which teams will wear one-colored uniforms during Thursday night games as part of the promotion. On Nov. 19, it'll be Tennessee (Titans blue) at Jacksonville (bold gold); Carolina (Panthers blue) at Dallas (white) on Nov. 26; and Tampa Bay (red) at St. Louis (yellow gold) on Dec. 17.

The promotion will continue next season with every team playing on Thursday nights wearing alternate "Color Rush" uniforms.

Twitter didn't take too kindly to the uniforms, as you can see below: