When the news broke that Stephen Hill had been cited for possession of drug paraphernalia, many fans of the Carolina Panthers simply believed that was the end of his time with the team. Fortunately, there was some good news to report, according to David Newton of ESPN.

Apparently, both Dave Gettleman and Ron Rivera aren't going to throw in the towel on Hill, and even stated that he still has the same chance as before to make the roster.

"The best 53 players make our team," general manager Dave Gettleman told ESPN Thursday as players reported to training camp at Wofford College.

Then, Rivera was asked about how the situation will impact Hill's standing with the team moving forward.

"It doesn't affect it," Rivera said. "I know the situation and circumstances, which we will let play out, see how things go. He'll have to deal with that process and we'll react to what happens."

Well, it seems as though the Panthers are willing to let bygones be bygones in this situation. Hill had been rumored to have a very serious shot at making the roster in 2015 before this. Fortunately, it seems that he still has a very good shot heading into training camp.

(h/t ESPN)