Steelers' Tomlin happy to see rookie Dupree go after opposing players

After getting into several fights with teammates in practice last week, Steelers rookie Bud Dupree got after opposing players in Sunday's 24-19 preseason win over the Green Bay Packers.

Dupree had one sack, had another negated by penalty, and was also may have brought down Aaron Rodgers for a safety if teammate James Harrison didn't get there first.

It was the first time Dupree has shown an ability to get to the quarterback in three preseason outings.

"He got home some," said head coach Mike Tomlin via the team's official website. "I will look at the details and evaluate the tape, but he was obviously in the backfield some. That's why you take guys in the first round at that position. You expect them to be in the backfield."

Dupree said he felt more comfortable and was able to play more loose while not getting too caught up in the calls from defensive coordinator Keith Butler.

"I'm just trying to get better each and every day," Dupree said. "Each week I'm going to try to get better at something, and each practice I'm going to try to get better at something."

h/t: Pittsburgh Steelers