Stanley Cup final prices through the roof while UFC tickets more affordable

VANCOUVER - The UFC may be a mixed martial arts juggernaut but it's taking a backseat to hockey this week in Canucks central.

Ticket reseller StubHub reported Wednesday that the average price of UFC 131 tickets on its site was US$190 compared to $1,605 for Game 5 of the Vancouver-Boston Stanley Cup final.

Both events at are Rogers Arena — Game 5 on Friday and the UFC on Saturday.

The UFC is usually a hot ticket but has been cooled under the shadow of the Canucks bandwagon.

Ticket prices fluctuate on the StubHub site as sellers adjust price.

As of late Friday afternoon, StubHub's site had 187 Game 5 tickets ranging from $1,695 to $11,000. There were 387 UFC tickets for sale between $38 and $1,400.

The average price for UFC 129 tickets in April in Toronto was $315, according to StubHub spokeswoman Joellen Ferrer.