South Carolina football player recreates Steve Spurrier's legendary Arby's trip

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Steve Spurrier's tryst with Arby's harkens back to days long past, when man was naive and the "favorites" still roamed the land.

It began in 2013, when the Gamecocks head football coach posed for a picture in front of the fountain beverages at the chain roast beef store. His dress was relaxed -- "Arb-Casual" -- with a loose tie and his top button at ease to offset the formal suitcoat.

So it's with a joyous heart that I bring you the news that Spurrier's legendary fast food portrait has been recreated by Gamecocks offensive lineman Mason Zandi in honor of the former Gamecock coach's watershed moment in the USC history:

It should be noted Mason's work is strong, but falls short of the ethereal beauty Spurrier achieved in the original print. Spurrier was radiant -- enough so to eventually catch the eye of Arby's corporate office, which offered to cater his retirement party at South Carolina.

Sometimes #brands are good. Sometimes.

Dan is on Twitter. He hopes his wedding pictures come out half as natural.