SOCHI SCENE: Meyers on Twitter

American bobsledder Elana Meyers of Douglasville, Ga., took some time with @AP_Sports on Twitter, answering questions from AP journalists and fans about life as an Olympian under the hashtag #apsochi.

Here are five quick questions and responses:

Q: @EmmaNunan3: @eamslider24 any chance of getting a 4 woman competition in the Olympics any time soon? #APSochi

A: @eamslider24: @EmmaNunan3 me and @BobsledKaillie have our work cut out for us for that to happen #APSochi

(Meyers was referring to Canadian bobsledder Kaillie Humphries.)

Q: @SANMconsulting: @eamslider24 cool, but how did YOU get into it :-)

(The sport of bobsled, that is.)

A: @eamslider24: .@SANMconsulting didn't make the Olympic softball team - saw it on TV so decided to try it out #APSochi

Q: @the2debs: @eamslider24 Elana, do you have a "favorite track", and why is it so?

A: @eamslider24: .@the2debs St Moritz Switzerland is my fav track bc my fiance proposed to me on the medal stand at World Champs there last year #APSochi

Q: @johnleicester: @eamslider24 I can only imagine that the first time down a bob chute is either very exciting or terrifying? #apsochi

A: @eamslider24: .@johnleicester 1st time down a bobsled track is different for everyone- I didn't throw up but a lot do! I thought it was awesome #APSochi

Q: @simonhaydon: @eamslider24 Is Bob an amateur or pro sport? How do you survive. also hold down another job? It's not a cheap sport is it. #apsochi

A: @eamslider24: .@simonhaydon very expensive sport I work multiple jobs & go to @KellerGraduate & train full time Crazy but anything 2 keep sliding #APSochi

The AP plans another chat with four-time Olympic medal-winning skier Julia Mancuso on Saturday, at 10:30 a.m. ET.

— By Oskar Garcia — Twitter


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