Four LSU football players accused of being involved in a bar fight were reportedly set to meet with police on Monday.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that the meeting has been postponed indefinitely.

Nathan Fisher is the attorney for the four LSU players -- senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson, sophomore lineman Chris Davenport, sophomore linebacker Josh Johns and freshman wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

According to the newspaper, the fight took place early Friday morning outside a Baton Rouge bar.

Jefferson and about "15-20 LSU football players" were present when the incident occurred around 2 a.m. (ct) at Shady's bar.

Four people involved in the fight sustained minor injuries and transported themselves to local hospitals.

LSU head coach Les Miles addressed the situation on Saturday.

"Whatever legal proceedings that are ongoing we will cooperate with and see how that all figures," Miles said. "I know that they are still gathering information and at the appropriate time we will take strong action. I can tell you we have started disciplining our team because this was a team violation. This was not just a guy. This was the team. We ran them and are running them. They hear with every call up, every snap and every coach's instruction."

According to 9NEWS, several people who claim to have witnessed the incident say a young man driving a truck blew his horn to get a group of people blocking the driveway to move out of the way.

A group of people then pulled the driver out of the truck and started beating him. A Marine tried to assist the driver, but he was beaten and thrown to the ground. Jefferson reportedly kicked the Marine in the head.

The Tigers open the season on September 3 against Oregon.