Report: McGrady headed to Kings; Knicks next?

Tracy McGrady is reportedly headed to Sacramento, but is it just a layover on his way to New York?

Multiple media reports last night say the Kings and Rockets have agreed in principle to a deal that would send Kevin Martin and three other players to Houston in return for McGrady and forwards Carl Landry and Joey Dorsey.

But that might just be the start.

As the teams hammer out the details today, there are reports the Knicks are still involved, intent on landing McGrady and unloading Jared Jeffries.

If no deal with the Knicks is made, the Rockets and Kings are still expected to go through with the swap. And the Kings could still buy out McGrady's $22.5 million deal by March 1st, which would allow McGrady to sign wherever he wanted and be eligible for the playoffs.

The trade deadline is at noon PT.