Redskins: Visitors to our 2014 camp coverage exceeded Earth's population

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that every single person on planet Earth did not read about the Washington Redskins' 2014 training camp. Working together with third-party media monitoring services Meltwater and TVEyes, the Redskins reported that there were "7,845,460,401 unique visitors of print/online coverage of the 2014 Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Camp from July 24-Aug. 12."

The Census Bureau estimates the World's population at 7.26 billion. The math simply doesn't add up. So according to the team, if you were alive on the Earth in 2014, you were most likely reading about Robert Griffin III's assimilation into Jay Gruden's new offensive scheme.

According to the Washington Post, the Redskins are using guidelines to define their "unique visitors" that are uncommon, to put it lightly.

Per the Washington Post, "Unique viewers/visitors," according to this report, provides "a unique and accurate count of the number of people visiting any content of a website in a given period of time, accounting for any possible duplication as a result of cookie deletion, cookie rejection or IP address changes." "Hits," according to this report, are "the amount of articles published on a search topic from any given source in the specified period of time."

The bottom line is this--if the Redskins can claim more unique visitors, then they can also claim that their training camp is providing a massive value to their host city of Richmond, Virginia. And you guessed it--this is exactly what they did.

The Redskins claim that the "minimum total value of the coverage generated for the City of Richmond throughout the 2014 Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Camp," is a whopping $76,146,720.61. You read that number right. I double and triple-checked to make sure it wasn't some kind of fact error.

To read the rest of Dan Steinberg's report, head here. Steinberg goes into further detail about the Redskins' claims and looks back at similar situation that arose before the start of training camp in 2014.

Unfortunately for the city of Richmond, the Redskins holding training camp in Richmond is most likely not generating $76 million worth of coverage for them.

(h/t Washington Post)