Redskins' Garcon sues FanDuel over use of his name, likeness

WASHINGTON (AP) Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon has filed a class-action lawsuit against popular daily fantasy sports website FanDuel, accusing the site of profiting off his name and likeness without permission.

The lawsuit filed Friday in federal court in Maryland represents the latest legal challenge for the lucrative daily fantasy industry, which has attracted scrutiny since a multimillion-dollar advertising blitz at the start of the NFL season.

According to Garcon's lawsuit, FanDuel has repeatedly used his name and likeness in its TV ads and on its website without his consent. Garcon claims that he and other players should be compensated by FanDuel for the use of their names.

The lawsuit notes that Garcon's name appears frequently in FanDuel commercials.

FanDuel representatives did not immediately return emails seeking comment.