PHOTO: Jane Richard echoes brother Martin's message in support for France

A spate of deadly terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday left the entire world reeling, and the international community has responded with a wave of support for France. That international community includes young Jane Richard of Boston.

Jane knows way too much about terrorism and tragedy. Her brother, Martin Richard, was killed in the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013, and Jane lost her leg in the attacks. Martin was eight years old at the time. Jane was only seven.

But Jane is helping to keep Martin's memory alive, and on Saturday, a drawing she made for the people of Paris was posted on the Martin Richard Foundation's Facebook page. It has a simple message.

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"Arretez de faire du mai aux autres. La paix."

Those French words roughly translate to a message Martin once scrawled on a poster: "No more hurting people. Peace."

Martin's words have become an integral part of his legacy and a poignant reminder that sometimes the words of a child can be incredibly powerful.