Pats media having Peyton's favorite meal for lunch, and 'it tastes so good'

Chicken parmesan is a staple in the Italian culinary world. It's also Peyton Manning's favorite meal, or so we think. His Nationwide jingle, "Chicken parm you taste so good," was stuck in the heads of every NFL fan when it first hit the air. Now, every time that delicious meal is mentioned, it's tied back to Manning and his catchy commercial.

The New England Patriots certainly haven't forgotten about Manning's love for chicken parm, seeing as they're serving it for lunch in the media room on Thursday -- three days before they take on the Denver Broncos.

Via Christopher Price of WEEI:

So, are the Patriots saying they're going to eat Peyton's lunch on Sunday? That's certainly the way it sounds. Or maybe they just really like chicken parmesan like the rest of us.

Either way, add it to the list of "trash talk" ahead of this weekend's highly-anticipated matchup between the Patriots and Broncos.