Ozzie Canseco arrested on DUI charge in Fla.

Ozzie Canseco, a former major league baseball player and the twin brother of former Oakland A's slugger Jose Canseco, has been arrested on DUI charges in Florida.

Authorities in Tampa say the 46-year-old was booked early Saturday morning. He is being held on $500 bond.

Canseco, who had a long minor league career and played briefly for the Oakland A's and St. Louis Cardinals, did not have an attorney listed.

Ozzie Canseco was also arrested in 2003 after a deputy found illegal anabolic steroids in his vehicle during a traffic stop. He pleaded guilty to a possession charge.

Both brothers also had pleaded guilty to charges related to a 2001 nightclub brawl.

Jose Canseco hit 462 home runs in his major league career, though Ozzie never hit one in the big leagues.