Notre Dame coach: Football deflation not an issue in CFB

Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly appeared on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday and weighed in on several topics, including the one that dominated headlines in the (professional) football world throughout much of the offseason and still refuses to go away: DeflateGate.

Asked by the host if deflating footballs is an issue in the college game, Kelly replied, "No, not at all.

"The game is not decided by that at all. I think there's less oversight really even in college football. I know it has zero impact -- and I know... in the NFL there are kicking balls and there are not kicking balls in college football so it doesn't impact what we do."

Kelly confirmed college football teams are able to work on balls so that they are to the liking of their quarterback -- something the New England Patriots and Tom Brady are accused by the NFL of doing last season -- but they have to be approved by the game officials before the opening kickoff.

"Each team has their own balls," Kelly said. "Their sideline people will have the balls marked. Some use Spaulding, some use Riddell, some use Wilson (or) Nike. Whatever the ball is each team has a different feel for the type of ball they like."