The Texas home of former NFL linebacker and current ESPN commentator Emmanuel Acho was robbed earlier this month, according to a Monday report. Acho said he has video of the thieves who allegedly broke into his home and took off with cash and jewelry.

Police have been working with Acho to catch those who robbed his home, although they did not confirm that those in the apparent surveillance video were suspects, TMZ reported.

Acho said the thieves “broke into my closet and safe and robbed me of my cash, my Rolexes and other personal memorabilia,” according to the website.

He said he thought those who robbed him were visiting Austin for the South By Southwest Festival (SXSW) in early March, and he thought they were from Miami and Los Angeles. It was not immediately clear how or why Acho made that determination.

Police did not confirm the ex-player's suspicions to TMZ, saying only that they were investigating.

“They were out of towners during SXSW festival in Austin,” Acho tweeted on Sunday. “From LA & Miami.”

Acho, an NFL and college football analyst for ESPN, previously played three seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles.