New Mexico Umpire Quits After Controversial 'No Spanish' On Field Call

The umpire that sparked a controversial language debate in New Mexico last week has resigned from officiating high school baseball games, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Just over a week ago, Corey Jones allegedly told Gadsden High School baseball players that if they spoke Spanish on the field they would be ejected. He made the statement after a player said encouraging words to another player in Spanish during a game against Alamogordo High School.

"Anyone who speaks Spanish – coaches or players – will be ejected," according to Gadsden High School baseball coaches.

That prompted an on field debate with Gadsden assistant coach Emmanuel Burciaga, who said that the team would continue to speak Spanish and would not be ejected.

The home plate umpire then informed Jones that there was no rule prohibiting Spanish and volunteered to use his Spanish to keep track of both teams for good sportsmanship.

Last week the Gadsden team, whose home county of Doña Ana County is 97 percent Hispanic, filed a formal complaint in order to “educate” Jones.

Jones declined to comment about the matter to the Journal but said the team’s account about what happened was “nothing but lies.”

According to the Journal, the New Mexico Athletic Association is still investigating the matter.

The Gadsden Independent School District released a statement saying it was not seeking any disciplinary action.

“It was not the intent of the District to seek any disciplinary action regarding this official because his actions in no way reflect on the quality of officiating in Alamogordo,” the statement read.

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