NCAA gives ex-Wingate coach 2-year show-cause penalty for giving players money, prescriptions

The NCAA has given former Wingate women's basketball coach Barbara Nelson a two-year show-cause penalty for providing players with money and prescription drugs.

The school on Wednesday also was given one year of probation and vacated all 24 victories from 2011-12.

Nelson was not named in the report, which only says the former head coach gave a total of $160 on seven separate occasions during the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons to four players.

In one case, $80 went to one player as an advance on her $100 per-diem. A total $80 went to three players in amounts of either $10 or $20 for gas money.

The NCAA also says the coach gave 7-10 of her leftover pain pills in 2011-12 to an injured player whose anti-inflammatory prescription had run out.