MMA fighter KOs opponent with devastating double back kick

Amir Elzhurkaev didn't kill a guy, but the man whose liver he kicked into hot pudding probably wishes he did.

The Russian MMA fighter broke out a fancy/painful little combo at Absolute Championship Berkut 34 on Friday that sent Dmitriy Tomaev crumpling to the mat.

@GrabakaHitman posted video of the match-ending exchange -- a beautiful and ruthless two-touch spinning back kick by Elzhurjaev that effectively turned Tomaev's innards into blood pudding.

Elzhurkaev's viciously effective combo earned him a technical knockout.

Which brings us to another point: always watched for the spinning back kick, guys. Also. watch for the second back kick after that. Because that's a horrifying thing people are capable of, and you don't want to be excreting crimson for the next two weeks.

Dan is on Twitter. Liver kicks -- like normal kicks, but literal hell on earth.