MLB's Last Week For Regular Season

The final week of Major League Baseball's regular season is featured with five live games scheduled. Several of these matchups could be key in whether teams such as Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Texas win their division or even make the playoffs. In the American League East, Boston and Tampa Bay have been battling the last half of the season for the division lead. If these two teams continue on their same pace, both should make the playoffs unless division foe Baltimore makes a late push to overtake one or the other. In the American League West, Texas and Oakland have been battling for most of the season and it is anyone's guess which one will claim the title. As for St. Louis, what seemed like a very safe lead earlier in the year, turned into a deficit with the Pittsburgh Pirates surging to the top of the National League Central. Whether St. Louis can reclaim the division lead may come down to the final week. Tune in for MLB action as it reaches fever pitch with the playoffs just one week away.

All times in GMT

19:00 (LIVE) September 23 & 12:00 September 24

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays

23:00 (LIVE) September 24 & 14:30 September 25

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees

17:30 (LIVE) September 25 & 07:00 September 26

MLB: Washington Nationals at St. Louis Cardinals

00:00 (LIVE) & 17:00 September 27

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers

16:30 (LIVE) September 28

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