PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Following the Trail Blazers' 112-109 victory over the Grizzlies, a Twitter skirmish broke out between Memphis forward Chandler Parsons and Portland guard CJ McCollum.

It all started with a post during Friday night's game from the Trail Blazers' main account, which teased Parsons for an airball on a 3-pointer.

''To be fair, the NBA 3-point line is really, really far away from the basket,'' (at)trailblazers posted.

Afterward, Parsons shot back at the Blazers via his Twitter account: ''good luck in the lottery show this year.''

McCollum took issue, posting: ''We hit the lottery by not signing you.''

That set off a veritable tweetstorm among Twitter onlookers who watched the drama unfold. McCollum's teammate Evan Turner even weighed in.

''These tweets are for the ages. I think both participants should shake hands after this. I'm just speechless. Unbelievable,'' Turner tweeted.

Blazers President Chris McGowan offered a statement Saturday morning to ESPN. In it he said the original team post was meant to be lighthearted but ''was probably a little too close to the line.''

''Our official account is meant to be fun and positive,'' McGowan said. ''It's not our intention to cause things to turn negative. In this case it did, and that is what we want to avoid going forward.''

And Parsons had the final word, putting the dustup to rest.

''It's all in good fun! No hard feelings,'' he posted.