Linsanity Criticism Irks Carmelo

In an interview with ESPN yesterday, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony expressed that he was upset with the criticism that he was a “selfish player” and the charge that he would somehow diminish the sensation that has been Jeremy Lin.

“That's like a slap in the face," said Anthony.  "None of my teammates I've ever played with would say that I was a selfish player. Nobody."

When pressed by ESPN Basketball commentator Stephan A. Smith as to whether or not Anthony could co-exist with teammate Jeremy Lin, Anthony seemed confused as to what sparked the question among fans and critics.

“I’m human at the end of the day, so it’s like damn where is that coming from?” said Anthony.

Since Anthony suffered a groin injury and teammate Amare Stoudemire left the team to mourn the death of his brother the lackluster Knicks have played inspiring basketball led by Jeremy Lin, an unknown player out of Harvard who was sleeping on his brother’s couch weeks ago uncertain about a future in the NBA.

The Knicks have won 7 games in a row, some in dramatic fashion since Lin took charge but fans and analysts are now asking whether or not the return of the big money superstars such as Anthony and Stoudemire will actually have a negative effect on the team.

Stoudemire returned last night and the Knicks beat the Sacramento Kings 100-85.

Lin only scored 10 points but also was credited for 13 assists.

Anthony could return to the lineup as soon as Friday.

“Can Linsanity continue?” asked Smith.

“I believe so.” said Anthony.

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