Jim Harbaugh hilariously reunites with man who once hit him with a mail truck

There's never a dull moment when Jim Harbaugh is around, and that was the case again Wednesday when the Michigan coach ran into someone who once ran into him.

While on the recruiting trail in Iowa City, Harbaugh met up with Dan McGivern, who isn't a five-star linebacker or the next multi-positional threat who will replace Jabrill Peppers. Actually, he's the man who hit Harbaugh with his mail truck 47 years ago, breaking Harbaugh's leg. Here are the old pals:

Harbaugh has discussed the details on the accident in the past, and here's a summary from his radio show in November, per the Detroit Free Press:

"John and I had gone to school, our first day at Roosevelt Elementary," Harbaugh recalled of his brother. "First day we'd moved there, found some kids to play with after school.

"It was getting dark. John said, 'We gotta go.' So we picked up our stuff and we're running. I was trying to put my jacket on over my head all at once. And I was just following after him, and he crossed the street. Busy street there. The next thing I know, I woke up in a hospital bed. I'd got hit by a mail truck. Broke my leg in two places. Had a cast on for about six months. I was in the first grade. Second half of first grade."

To prove there were no hard feelings after nearly 50 years, Harbaugh even gave McGivern a business plug (and, yes, they are toasting each other with bottled milk):

With National Signing Day next week, Harbaugh seemingly was in town to do some recruiting. But even if he comes away empty-handed, the trip was worth it.