One of the first things a rookie buys after getting that first game check is a flashy new car. The only caveat is that you have to have your driver's license to drive it.
Of course, most players entering the NFL have already had theirs for a few years, but not New York Jets rookie Leonard Williams.

While at USC, Williams never needed a driver's license or a car. Since moving to the metropolitan area, Williams has a new-found need for a car.

After turning 21 years old in June, Williams finally made it a point to get his license. Given the fact that he faces 300-plus-pound linemen on a daily basis, the test came fairly easy to him.

"I got the driver's license, I went to Florida and visited when we had the break," Williams told Yahoo Sports. "It was pretty easy, actually."

The break Williams is referring to was the time between minicamp and training camp. It was one of the only opportunities Williams had to get his license before the seasons started, which put more pressure on him to pass.

"The road exam [was the most nerve wracking] because if I didn't get it over the break I don't know when I'd be able to try it again," he said.

According to Yahoo Sports, Williams has yet to buy a car. With his annual salary of $4.6 million, Williams shouldn't have a hard time finding a nice car to drive every day. He'll just have to get used to driving in the hustle and bustle of the New York area.

(h/t Yahoo Sports)