Jerry Rice goes undercover as a driver and San Francisco has no idea

Jerry Rice is an NFL Hall of Famer and a 49ers legend, so you'd think with Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco this week he'd hardly be able to go anywhere without people noticing.

That is probably the case under normal circumstances, but not when Rice went undercover as a Lyft driver to surprise some people in the city.

When Jerry starts talking to his passengers about dancing and acting, they think he's just another odd-ball driver with whom they'll have to endure some awkward conversation for only a little while longer. It gets even more awkward when he pulls the car over mid ride and asks if it's cool if he stretches or takes a nap.

Then Jerry busts the big surprise on them. Kudos to Lyft for the entertaining video and also kudos to the one dude in this video who said he's a 49ers fan and wasn't fooled for a second. To the rest of you 49ers "fans" who were sitting next to the greatest receiver who's ever lived and had no idea, there are no words.