It looks like Kevin Durant is trolling Russell Westbrook with a championship cupcake hat

The NBA offseason is upon us, but the rivalry between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook continues.

You might recall Westbrook's Instagram response to KD's decision to join the Golden State Warriors last summer a picture of a heaping helping of cupcakes.

At first glance, Westbrook's social media post seemed innocuous enough. In fact, we didn't assume it had anything to do with Durant. Before the 2016-17 season started, however, we learned the two would referto Thunder teammates as "cupcakes" if they thought they were being soft, which gave the photo a whole new meaning.

Fast forward to June, and Durant's an NBA champion who doesn't mind a little trolling of his own. On Saturday afternoon, Warriors social media guru Julie Phayer shared a picture of KD rocking a hat with a cupcake on the front and a ring atop the dessert.

Your move, Russ.


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