Finland's RoPS celebrate a goal by pretending to catch Pokemon

Pokémon Go's taken the world by storm, and it's nearly impossible to walk outside without seeing people with their phones out, doing their level best to catch 'em all.

The soccer world's been caught up in Pokémania as well, and of course, we got in on the fun too, comparing the world's best players to Pokémon. We've also seen Pokémon-themed player announcements from the Vancouver Whitecaps, and now, in Finland, the hysteria's hit the pitch.

Rovaniemen Palloseura might sound like a special type of grass Pokémon, but it's a Finnish Premier League team filled with fellas who love themselves some digital animals. They beat FC Lahti 2-1 in the league over the weekend, and for their second goal, they broke out a special celebration.

Nice, right? Currently 5th in the league, we're sure RoPS supporters will hope to see many more Pokémon celebrations, especially if it means they're scoring goals on their way to catching the league leaders.