FIFA executives welcomes plan to limit president to 12 years

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ZURICH (AP) FIFA says its executive committee has welcomed plans to transform the scandal-tarnished governing body, including a 12-year term limit for presidents and an age limit of 74 for the president and executives.

FIFA's reform committee also recommended that the annual pay of the president and executives be made public.

The panel also proposes that the tainted executive committee be renamed as the ''FIFA Council.'' The council would be restricted to overseeing ''strategic matters'' rather than having ''executive powers over policies.''

The general secretary would be replaced by a chief executive.

The commission's report, published by FIFA, says ''FIFA's leaders must recognize and accept that the errors of the past were real, and they were unacceptable.''

Any changes have to be approved by all 209 FIFA members. The next congress is on Feb. 26.