Dez Bryant missed the Cowboys home run derby because he went to the wrong park

The Dallas Cowboys put away the footballs and helmets on Monday night, trading them in for bats and baseballs. They held the sixth-annual Reliant Home Run Derby, raising money for charity specifically the Salvation Army.

Dez Bryant has been a staple of the event in recent years, but he was a surprising no-show at the beginning of this years derby. Its not that he wanted to skip it, he just didnt know where it was being held.

Bryant missed the derby because he went to Globe Life Park in Arlington, where it was held the past few years. Little did he know they moved it to Dr. Pepper Ballpark this year.

If not for his son, Bryant may not have made it out to the event at all.

"I was ready to get them [cleats] dirty, but we had a little issue. I drove out to Arlington," Bryant said, via the Dallas Morning News. "Y'all don't kill me too much. My son has already killed me. I was ready to go back to the house. He was like, 'Daddy, [Jason] Witten's kids are there. I want to go.' So I was like let's go enjoy this, have fun, see the fans and have a great time."

Although Bryant didnt make it in time to participate in the derby, he did show up to the event and talk to the media. He also played on the field with his son, along with Jason Witten and his kids.

As for the derby itself, the Cowboys did a fine job, raising $50,000 for the Salvation Army. Head coach Jason Garrett came away as the winner for the second time, raising $100 more than Jason Witten.


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