Cincinnati Bengals fan says he'll live on his roof until team wins a game

Jeff Lanham, an avid Cincinnati Bengals fan who pledged to live on the roof of his Milan, Ind. restaurant until the team gets their first win, believes they will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday.

“I think Cincinnati is going to beat them,” Lanham told John Roberts on “Fox News Reporting.” “I will be down off the roof."

The Bengals have lost their first ten games of this season and risk becoming just the third team in NFL history to go through a 16-game schedule without a win

“I had no intentions on even being up here," Lanham said. "I was just kidding around when I made the comment. I don’t know, it just popped in my head to be on the top of our restaurant.”

Jeff’s wife Christy said that they hoped Lanham would be able to come off the roof of the Hog Rock Cafe when the Bengals hosted the Arizona Cardinals in early October, but the Cardinals won 26-23 on a last-second field goal.

“We were just kind of joking but then it ended up really happening so here he is,” Christy said.

Lanham said that he has camped on the top of his restaurant for 48 nights using a tent for shelter. His friends have donated equipment including a cot, chairs, recliner, a TV, and miscellaneous camping supplies.

Lanham said that he also uses coolers for food and drinks.


“I miss him," Christy Lanham said. "It was an adjustment at first but unfortunately, I’m starting to get used to it."

And what if the unthinkable happens and Cincinnati goes 0-16?

“When the Bengals season is over, I’ll come down," Lanham said. "But when it starts back up, I’ll come here."