Borges is the lungs of a Costa Rica that still wants more from World Cup

Celso Borges is the link between the two Costa Rica teams that have sprung World Cup surprises.

His father, Alexandre Guimaraes, is a naturalized Brazilian who played as a striker in the Costa Rica team that reached the round of 16 in Italy in 1990.

Twenty-four years later, the son is the midfield lungs of a team that has done even better at this World Cup.

And Borges says the "Ticos" aspire to go even further this time as they prepare to face the Netherlands on Saturday in the quarterfinals.

Borges says the "The team is still hungry. We have not lost our ambition, our desire."

According to FIFA's measurements of the distance covered by players, the midfielder is in ninth position with 46.3 kilometers run over 378 minutes.