Antonio Bastardo and the Pirates turned BP into an ER to save an injured bird

Batting practice can be dangerous if you arent paying attention. And that goes for birds, too.

Prior to Wednesdays 9-2 loss to the Reds at PNC Park, the Pirates tried their best to become veterinarians. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pirates first baseman Josh Bell hit a bird with a batted ball. And then reliever Antonio Bastardo jumped into action:

Outfielders Gregory Polanco and Starling Marte also joined the triage unit before Bastardo tried to give his feathered friend some water. Yep, it got weird.

The Post-Gazette reports Bastardo and the grounds crew were unable to get the bird to fly away, so they removed it from the playing area in a shoebox.

As of now, the birds fate remains a mystery. But the PNC bird was much luckier than this one:


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Michael Heiman | Getty Images