Not only did the Edmonton Oilers wrap up their series with the San Jose Sharks on Saturday night, they also got free snacks!

After Connor McDavid buried an empty-net goal to ice the gamein the closing seconds, a fan (presumably one who was in attendance to root for the Sharks) rained popcorn on the Oilers bench as they celebrated the series-clincher.

Understandably, someOilers players looked a bit caught off-guard but they weren't about to let a salty fan throwing salty treats ruin their joy. After all, it was Edmonton's first playoff series win since 2006.

I'm sure some people will say it was a classless gesture from the fan responsible, but how mad can you be about getting treated to complimentary popcorn after a big win? Seems like an added bonus. It's certainly better than someone trying to steal your equipment, that's for sure.


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