A reporter accidentally took Falcons coordinator Kyle Shanahan's Super Bowl game plan

A pretty standard Super Bowl Opening Night saw an interesting twist on Monday when Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan realized his backpack containing the offensive game plan for the Super Bowl had gone missing.

The horror unfolded after Atlanta's media session ended. According to Jarrett Bell of USA Today, the 37-year-old soon-to-be-49ers head coach frantically searched for his bag at the event in Houston, saying "I've got to find it" while a Falcons guard helped by searching bags on the floor.

But there was no secret operative like the Wake Forest radio guy at work in Houston. A veteran San Francisco Examiner columnist named Art Spander inadvertently walked off with Shanahan's bag after leaving his own in the area where reporters congregated to interview the coach.

"I've screwed up before, but I've never picked up the wrong bag," Spander said. "And there's no way I'd have a game plan."

From hereon out, Shanahan ought to keep his backpack on his person at all times, or invest in a fanny pack. After this mix up, any fashion cracks the players lob at him would be well worth the peace of mind.